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Your dentist uses the innovative CEREC technology and computer-aided on-site milling machinery to custom craft your crown from extremely durable and long-lasting modern ceramic material. CEREC restorations are exceptionally reliable because the high precision of our scanning machines results in a very accurate fit for the crown.

The CEREC Treatment Process

  • After tooth preparation, the dentist makes a digital impression, generally using an intraoral scanner (or camera). Normally, patients respond better to digital impressions because they don't require a mouthful of impression materials.
  • The digital impression is sent to the corresponding designing software where the dentist constructs the tooth restoration on a screen and then passes on the finished construction to a milling machine via the office network.
  • The restoration is milled out of a color-matched ceramic block in just 6 to 15 minutes. The dentist can then add the finishing touches to the restoration by painting, polishing and glazing it before cementing it onto the prepared tooth.

Why choose CEREC?

  • The process can be completed in one visit in a short period of time, so it saves you the hassle and time of several appointments.
  • The crown or veneer is created in-house by Tyrone Family Dentistry, so we have complete control of how it will be designed and fitted.
  • No need to wear temporary crowns or veneers while the final product is being created in a lab, with CEREC, your final crown or veneer is fitted that same day.
  • As compared with other standards, lab-made restorations, there's little to no difference in the total price of CEREC since no lab fees are included and you only need one appointment.

For more information about the CEREC process or to make an appointment, call Tyrone Family Dentistry at 678-788-8050.


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